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About Bolesta


The Bolesta center at USF was created to teaching children who were deaf and hard of hearing to speak, instead of using sign language or lip reading to communicate.

Mrs. Denny Bolesta, founder of the Bolesta center, believed that all deaf children can learn to use spoken language.  Coupled with the advent of technology like the cochlear implants and digital hearing aids, children seen at our center are achieving unparalleled success.

Why is this important?

Approximately 95% of children born deaf are born to parents with no history of deafness in their families.  Communication between such parents and children is impossible if the child does not acquire language.  At the Bolesta Center, our goal is to facilitate language acquisition and production in deaf children.  The earlier deaf children are identified the sooner habilitation can begin, yielding more positive outcomes.

We work with school districts to help make sure the children in our program pass the same state educational standards as their hearing peers.  We support parents, by giving them hope, along with information they can use to aid in their child’s success.

We do not believe that a child’s opportunity to learn language should rest on something as tenuous as ability to pay.  We are grateful to our wonderfully generous community partners for believing that also.